Video about the Oasis Housing No. 3 Project

Check out this video that tells the personal story of two residents who where helped by Oasis at both the Naiomi Project, as well as the No 3. Project in Pechham.

(Oasis Housing was formerly known as Oasis Aquila)

Volunteering at the No 3 Project

Teach a Workshop


Do you have a special skill or passion you would like to share like baking, cooking Mexican food, writing CVs or interview skills? (just to name a few) The residents would benefit from your experience!

Provide a Welcome Kit


The No. 3 residents are leaving very difficult circumstances and the staff at No. 3 want to make them feel welcome and provide the necessities  (like a duvet, towels, pillows) to make their new room feel like a home.  

Provide Essential Supplies


Do you want to be on an email list when the residents are in need of supplies like an interview suit or supplies for school?

Fundraise or Donate


We can help you think of ways to run your own fundraiser for friends, family and colleagues!  

You can also directly donate to the No. 3 Project. 

Go Shopping


It couldn't be easier!  Click on the link below and use your amazon account login to sign into amazon smile.  You will be asked to choose a charity (OASIS AQUILA) and you are ready to shop!  Just sign into to amazon through the amazon smile site and many of your purchased will earn .05% for charity! 

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